Why the colorful ribbons?

You may see ribbons or you may see something else ... The inspiration for this symbol came from the rhythmic, frequently asymmetrical and interweaving patterns that can be observed in waves. It is intended to represent freedom of movement, versatility and fluidity. 

Waves are present everywhere ... in mathematics, music, architecture, the stroke of a paintbrush ... and in every heartbeat.

Light travels in waves. Waves move through space and time. They form patterns and shape entire systems. They are an integral part of life.

To be human is to live in constant motion. Breathing in and breathing out. Vibrating and oscillating. Contracting and expanding. Giving and receiving. Simplifying and amplifying. Evolving and dissipating.

Everything comes and goes, and interacts with everything else.

Strength. Gentleness. Chaos. Harmony. Brilliance. Playfulness.

We find our balance through constant renewal ... and constant re-centering.

As Richard Rohr would say: Order, disorder and reorder.