Sirocco (Greek: Sirókos, German: Schirokko, Catalan: Xaloc, Arabic: Sharqi) is a wind of Sicily, and other parts of Southern Europe, originating in the Sahara Desert as dry and dusty, becoming hot and moist as it passes over the Mediterranean.

Photo: Christian Filli

Photo: Christian Filli

Shaped by the Wind


It creates ripples. It rocks the sea.

It changes direction. It propels the sailboat.

It frees us. It knocks things down.

It destroys. It carries our burdens away.

It blows out our birthday candles.

It shapes entire landscapes. 

It blurs our vision. It clears the sky.

It accelerates around the corner.

It stops us in our tracks.

It whispers in our ear. It reminds us of our past.

It roars through the canyon. It remains invisible.

It becomes a storm. It dissipates.

It quiets down. It moves on.

It invites us to fly. It mystifies us.

It never stays the same.

by Christian Filli